tanzanian number plate
tanzanian cyclist and bike (and passenger)
kenya/tanzania border
bananas, bananas and bananas
safari outfit
some elephants
solitary lioness
a zebra plain
wildebeest and friends
lion rock
elephant parade
buaffloes and friends
papa elephant
a cool giraffe
ye olde elephant
camping - ngorongoro crater
massai morans
tanzanian roadside cafe
tanzanian roadside food
village locals
market day, singida outskirts
fruit and vegetable seller, puma
restuarant menu, puma
road and water, itigi
good and necessary items
town centre, itigi
a few birds
back roads
local spectators
a typical african bicycle
accommodation, game post 2
varied tactile experiences
village religion institute
bike repairs workshop
roadside fans
bicycle and chickens
lbs (local bike shop)
me and my friend