namibian number plate
a namibian bike
supplies, rehoboth
locals, rehoboth
local store, rehoboth
typical roadside lunch, namibgrens
plains of namibia
gravel/paved descent
us... on the plains
us... at sunset
an old wreck, solitaire roadhouse
the best foreground
tanned us and the best foreground
sunrise, sossusvlei
another sunrise, sossusvlei
dune 45
parched surface, deadvlei
acacia tree, deadvlei
acacia tree, deadvlei
grasslands, betta
shadow of wade
another puncture...
open road
local, luderitz
hospital, kolmanskop
house, kolmanskop
governers house, kolmanskop
atlantic ocean, luderitz
map and worn itinerary
fish river canyon
us... fish river canyon
my mode of transport
quiver tree
us, ai-ais
our bikes with volcano
open road, aussenkehr