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December 14, 2011

So with 2 weeks to go for my next ‘holiday’ I thought I should start my blog…

Cairo to Cape Town, 10 countries, approximately 12000kms over 4 months on a bicycle.  This is the plan that was hatched well over a year ago whilst watching a documentary on a similar trip.  From the initial plan between Gavan and myself we have also convinced/tricked Shane and Justin ( to come along as well.

From its beginnings until now we have individually looked into everything that we think is required although I’m sure much more will be encountered that we didn’t. This has included the pouring over of maps, , getting various injections, scouring of the internet for the individual bike parts to organize an appropriately large first kid kit.   On the more important side its also included getting titanium cutlery, lights that are banned in Germany and long discussions over alloy vs brass nipples.  Oh also thrown in has been the building of four identical bikes from the ground up.

So this blog is intended to offer a form of communication, a distraction from work and to test the speeds of the African internet.  I will aim to update on a weekly basis or alternatively when I find a computer that allows.  I will be photographing the whole trip with either of the 2 possibly 3 cameras that I’ll be taking and place some smaller res images on the blog when I can.  Once finally back I will definitely place the images on my site and bore as many people with them as possible.

So from here I will try a pack, work to the day before departure and generally get excited.  Please shot me an email ( if you have any questions or just want to say hi.