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handlebars and other parts
the part – the rohloff
one loaded bike
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the bike.

December 14, 2011

The bike… best bet ask Gavan as he has spent a lot (and a lot) of time researching this from tyre selection to appropriate stands and everything in between.  We have built from the ground up 4 near identical bikes according to the ‘best’ touring bike parts and just as importantly whether the item is available in black.  It’s certainly been a learning curve, well more for some then others which I am sure will pay off considering its going to be our sole means of transport over 4 months.  The knowledge gained includes building each wheel, a job that despite the pattern making sense initially soon turns to frustration especially for Justin, how to manipulate mudguards to properly wearing in our saddles (mine is fine.)

I also got some great advice and help from sasha @ pony bikes (http://www. in north melbourne who I highly recommend.

I’ve managed to ride the bike to and from work several times which encompasses a slight gradient change and having to navigate over uneven cobblestones.  So far it feels great.  I’m not sure if this is sufficient riding time considering it’s a new bike and a complete different style of riding but we will soon see.

I have attached various pics of the bike from the build through to the finished product. These were taken last week after I did my first pack which resulted in one extremely heavy bike i.e. it was hard to lift off the ground.  Some culling will be taken place over the next 2 weeks.


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