everything and then some


December 14, 2011

As mentioned in my last post I undertook a pre-pack to ensure I can actually fit in all I can and that the bike will still move.  Results is that I can but some decisions have to made i.e. do I need 2 camera lenses and can I shift to a jocks man rather then boxers.

With all the panniers loaded and tent on the back rack the scales read ‘very heavy’ and considering this didn’t include full water bottles (5 litres), food and cooking equipment.  I am thinking I need to go back over my packing list and start removing some items.  Apparently aftershave wont be required along with a dress shirt, here is hoping that the discothèques (African nightclubs!?) still let me in.  Jeans and cough ‘camping pants (trackies)’ cough will both be going.

Also highlighted that I am pretty well prepared well as much I think I need to be in regards to items that I require.  A few more smaller purchases but nothing major which is pretty exciting for me and my bank balance.

So at this stage I will be packing again on the day before departure (xmas eve) to reassess where I am at.  Please note that I will be staying a boxer’s man.


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  • http://idontquiteknow.com Raj

    Glad to see you vacuumed before you took the photo!