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departure – australia.

December 25, 2011

The time has finally come… after approximately 18 months of planning the four of us will be flying out of Melbourne for Cairo tonight. Nervous, anxious, excited… yes to all of the above (mainly about the movies on the plane.)

I have finished packing which amazingly all fit quite easily into my four panniers now its just a weight issue. With 30kg check in and 7kg carry on allowed I am pretty sure I’ll be a little over and this includes wearing thermals, several pairs of socks and waterproof jacket (shell) onto the plane. This said we have all packed as light as possible taking out all things we can purchase once there. Fingers crossed with it being the holiday season we’ll have a very nice check in person.

Its certainly a little different then your normal holiday as lists are something I’ve never had to do before. So far a few more logistics have been involved but I guess this happens when you’re going away for several months and cycling across 10 countries. This is all said I think we’re as ready as ever to go i.e. maps are packed, visas are sorted and just as importantly my legs are shaved.

The first few days will be spent in Cairo running around sorting the Sudanese visa at the Australian embassy, getting last minute supplies and testing out my xmas present – my gopro2 (now I’m taking 3 cameras!) I am hoping to do some time lapse photography of the trip which Gavan tried recently, looks amazing. If all works out well between charging the unit and storing the images I’ll be hoping to do most of the trip.

OK I think that’s me done for now, I think I need to couch time before getting picked up. Please email, leave comments or do nothing. I look forward to boring you all once back.



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  • Mum

    Missing you already,Melanie has just left to go home and Stacey is visiting Amber,I am watching the cricket.
    Love you,be safe.